How it Works

The Easiest way to sell Merchandise

You will no longer have to worry about inventory, colors, sizes or losing money with your merchandise.

Below are the steps to starting an online store, and yes it is completley FREE!!!!

  • 1. Create a New Store Account

    Fill out your Name, email address, login password and your Store Name.

    Create Store Account 
  • 2. Help Build your Store

    A Teegora team member will reach out once you have an account. They will go over logo designs, products, and listing prices. The team member will then build your Online Store.

  • 3. Launch your Online Store

    Your Online Store will go live and you will get a link that you can can share with the world.

    View Current Stores 
  • 4. Sell and Collect your Profit

    Tell everyone about your store and start selling. We fulfill orders as they come in and ship your products to your customers. At the end if each month your monthly profits will be Venmoed right to you!!

Store Profit Calculator